Argentine Black and White Tegus


Looking to add some exotic charm to your home? Look no further than our Argentine Black and White Tegus for sale! These captivating creatures are not only visually stunning with their striking black and white patterns, but they also make for fascinating companions. With their gentle temperament and intelligence, these Tegus are a joy to interact with. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring home one of these beautiful reptiles today!

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Argentine Black and White Tegus For Sale

These stunning Argentine Black and White Tegus could be your perfect exotic pet! Known for their intelligence and friendly personalities, these tegus make for playful lifelong companions. With bold contrasting colors and a sleek body reaching up to 5 feet in length, their impressive appearance is matched by their charming and social temperament. Unlike other reptiles, tegus enjoy regular interaction and bond very closely with their owners. For a unique pet that will turn heads and win hearts, look no further than these captivating Black and White Tegus. Bring one of these beauties home today!Argentine Black and White Tegus

How Big Do Argentine Black and White Tegus Get

Have you ever been entranced by the marvelous beauty and gentle demeanor of the Argentine black and white tegu? These stunning reptiles are growing in popularity as exotic pets, leaving new owners wondering, how big do Argentine black and white tegus get? These docile giants can grow up to 4 feet long from nose to tail tip, with some males reaching impressive sizes over 5 feet! Despite their large stature, tegus are calm and trainable when handled frequently. Their intelligence and responsiveness make them one of the best pet lizards. Tegus require ample space as they grow, so potential owners should invest in the largest possible enclosure. With proper care and feeding, your tegu can thrive for 15-20 yearsArgentine Black and White Tegus

What Do Argentine Black and White Tegus Eat

Behavior and Diet:
Argentine Black and White Tegus are diurnal, meaning they are active during the day. They are opportunistic omnivores with a diverse diet. Their diet includes insects, small mammals, birds, eggs, fruits, vegetation, and even carrion. They have strong jaws and sharp teeth, which they use to crush and consume their prey.Argentine Black and White Tegus

Are Argentine Black and White Tegus A Good Pet

Looking for an exotic reptile pet that is as intelligent as a dog? The Argentine black and white tegu may be the perfect choice for experienced reptile owners. Known for their dog-like personalities, these large lizards form strong bonds with their owners and can even be walked on a leash and taught tricks. Unlike other lizards, tegus enjoy being handled and thrive on regular human interaction. They grow up to 4 feet long and require a large, customized enclosure with proper heating and humidity. Argentine Black and White Tegus

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