Chameleon Academy Arboreal XL Enclosure

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Product Details

  • External Dimensions – 36″ L x 30″ W x 48″ H
  • Internal Dimensions – 35″ L x 29″ W x 43.5″ H
  • Internal Space – 191 Gallons – 25.5 Cubic Feet
  • Internal Floor Space – 7 Square Feet
  • Substrate volume – 140 Quarts
  • Enclosure Weight – 75 Pounds
  • 1/4 Inch Tempered Glass Doors to withstand the Highest Humidity Levels
  • Materials – High quality USA made PVC, Tempered Glass with Aluminum mesh
  • Country of Origin – USA
  • Please Note: This enclosure is made of black PVC and is shipped standard with bare walls. The product images show a printed background which is an optional upgrade


Full Description

The Chameleon Academy Arboreal XL Enclosure was designed to give you the space and features to create a nurturing and enriching sanctuary for your arboreal reptiles.

  • Wide Format – The Arboreal XL Enclosure is in a larger 36” long format to give arboreals the chance to move and jump side to side.
  • Extra Depth – The depth (distance from front to back) has been extended to 30” to allow light to the bioactive floor even if a plant canopy is suspended above the ground.
  • Unique Branch Anchors – These anchors allow you to easily zip tie or attach branches and potted plants above the enclosure floor to create a canopy and dense leafy layer. This provides security for small arboreal reptiles and amphibians. There are four branch anchors on each side and the back. With this coverage you are able to attach branches that will create a network that allows your arboreal to use all the air space in the enclosure.
  • Bioactive Ground – This enclosure provides 8 inches of depth for a bioactive soil. This allows root penetration for most indoor decorative plants. Drainage may be accomplished by the typical drainage layer or an optional drain feature.
  • Forest Floor Viewing window – We all know we might have a beautiful chameleon in the trees, but we love watching the forest floor with our isopods or, perhaps, colorful dart frogs. This special feature allows you to view your bioactive enclosure at its level.
  • Air Exchange Vent System – Air exchange is a critical component to vivarium health. We have a series of vents below the door and multiple screened areas on the top panel to encourage cool air to come in below and be drawn up which provides a natural air exchange. If more ventilation is required, there is a cut out where a small fan may be placed.

A great amount of planning has gone into the configuration of this enclosure. Here is a tour of the support system put in place for you to create a suitable environment for the animal of your choice.


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