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Slither into savings with the Corn Snake! This docile, easy-to-care-for serpent makes the perfect pet. With a lifespan of 15-20 years, vibrant orange markings, and a max length of 5 feet, this Snake’s manageable size and calm temperament is ideal for novice and experienced herpetologists alike. Unlike other snakes that require large enclosures and live feedings, this Snake thrives in a 20-30 gallon tank and on an affordable diet of frozen mice. From their origins in the southeastern United States to habitats worldwide. Bring one home today and enjoy their low-maintenance companionship!


Corn Snake For Sale

Meet your new best friend, the Corn Snake! Slithering into your heart, this beautiful reptile makes the perfect pet. With docile temperaments and easy handling, corn snakes are a delight to own. Their small size and low maintenance needs make them ideal for beginner snake owners. This colorful snake comes in a variety of stunning patterns and colors, sure to brighten up any home. Bring one of these gentle giants home today and enjoy their inquisitive and curious nature. You won’t regret welcoming a Snake into your family!Corn Snake

 How Big Do Corn Snake Get

Corn snakes reach an average length of 3 to 5 feet at maturity. Their slender bodies allow them to fit comfortably in a 20-gallon tank when young, graduating to a 40-gallon enclosure as an adult. With proper care and feeding, a healthy corn snake can live up to 15 years, reaching its maximum size by age 2 to 3. Don’t let their potential full size deter your snakes are manageable pets that make great learning companions for children. Their relatively small size also makes them a practical snake species for urban and suburban homes. Discover for yourself the joys of living with this popular North American native.Corn Snake

What Do Corn Snake Eat

Corn snakes are carnivorous and feed on a diet of appropriately sized prey. As hatchlings, they typically eat small mice called pinkies. As they grow, they progress to larger prey, such as fuzzy mice and adult mice. The size of the prey should be proportionate to the snake’s girth to ensure proper digestion and prevent regurgitation.Corn Snake

Get Corn Snake From Reptilescritters

Slither into savings with the Get Corn Snake from Reptilescritters! This sleek serpent is an excellent starter snake that brings personality to any home. With its easygoing temperament and manageable size, this snake is a captivating pet that’s perfect for novice reptile owners. This beautiful banded beauty will charm you with its gentle disposition while requiring minimal care and maintenance. So shed your inhibitions and embrace an exotic new friend! Bring home the Get this Snake from Reptilescritters today and add some reptilian romance to your life!Corn Snake

How Long Do Corn Snake Live

Slither into a new adventure with your very own exotic corn snake. This beautiful bright orange snake makes a striking pet that is as friendly as it is colorful. Corn snakes are easy to handle and care for, feeding on pre-killed mice just once a week or two. Their docile and curious nature means they enjoy being handled and exploring outside their terrarium. As one of the most popular pet snakes,  snakes can live up to 30 years, making them a lifelong companion. Bring a slice of the wild into your home with this easy-going reptile. Make a new lifelong friend today—this gorgeous is waiting to meet you!Corn Snake


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