Pancake Tortoise


We have a few rare Pancake tortoises for sale at incredibly low prices. These are really unique looking reptiles, with flattened shells. When you buy a tortoise from us, you automatically receive our 100% live arrival guarantee. Don’t forget to buy some of our extremely nutritious tortoise food for your new pet.


Pancake Tortoise for sale

Attention all reptile enthusiasts! A rare opportunity has arrived to add an exotic gem to your collection – introducing the one-and-only Pancake Tortoise! Native to the grasslands of East Africa, this flattened beauty glides along the ground with its uniquely flexible shell allowing it to squeeze into tight spaces. Don’t miss your chance to provide a good home for this docile creature who will reward you with its laidback charm. Seize this chance to own your very own Pancake Tortoise and enrich your life with an ancient living fossil. Act now before someone else snatches up this singular sensation!Pancake Tortoise

How Big Do Pancake Tortoise  Get

Pancake Tortoises are relatively small tortoises, with adults typically measuring about 6 to 7 inches (15 to 18 centimeters) in length. They have a distinctively flat and thin shell compared to other tortoise species. The shell is usually brown or gray in color and has a rough texture. The flexible nature of their shell allows them to flatten their bodies and squeeze into narrow rock crevices for protection. Their limbs are long and slender, and they have long claws that help them grip onto rocky surfaces.Pancake Tortoise

Get Pancake Tortoise At Reptilescritters

Do you dream of owning the world’s cutest reptile? Meet the Pancake Tortoise, nature’s most adorable flat friend, now available at Reptilescritters. With its round, flat shell and big puppy dog eyes, this tiny tortoise looks like a living pancake. Perfect as a low-maintenance pet, the Pancake Tortoise stays small and thrives indoors in a large tank habitat. Enjoy watching your flapjack friend slowly explore its home, peeking out from under its shell with curiosity. Bring one of these exotic cuties home today by visiting Reptilescritters, your top source for unique reptiles. Adopt a Pancake Tortoise and fall in love with the sweetest little reptile around.Pancake Tortoise

Pancake Tortoise Lifespand

This tortoise is truly a gift from nature (opening sentence). This tiny tortoise comes with a lifespan of up to 100 years, allowing you to enjoy the company of this adorable pet for decades to come (feature and benefit). Their flat shells and friendly personalities make them a joy to interact with (feature and benefit). Give yourself the gift of loyal companionship and adopt your very own  tortoise today (call to action)! With proper care, this little friend will be by your side for life.Pancake Tortoise

What Do Pancake Tortoise Eat

Pancake Tortoises are primarily herbivorous, feeding on a variety of vegetation such as grasses, leaves, and flowers. They are diurnal creatures, active during the day, and spend a significant amount of time basking in the sun to regulate their body temperature. They are agile climbers and are adept at navigating rocky terrain. When threatened, they retreat into crevices, inflating their lungs to wedge themselves tightly against the rocks, making it difficult for predators to dislodge them.Pancake Tortoise




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