Red Eared Slider Turtle


Bask in the beauty of nature with your very own Red Eared Slider turtle! These charming aquatic pets add a touch of wilderness to any home. With their vibrant green shells and signature red stripes behind the eyes, Red Eared Sliders are sure to brighten up your space. Watch as they gracefully glide through the water, poking their heads up curiously to greet you. Feed them nutritious pellets and treats as they grow from small hatchlings to full-sized adults. Enjoy their calming presence as they spend hours swimming and basking under heat lamps.


Red Eared Slider Turtle For Sale

Are you ready to embark on an exciting underwater adventure? Look no further than our Red Eared Slider Turtle for Sale! With its captivating red markings, this little reptile is sure to be the star of your aquarium. Not only does it add a touch of vibrant color to your aquatic paradise, but it also brings a sense of tranquility with its graceful swimming. Dive into the world of aquatic wonders and bring home your very own  Turtle today!Red Eared Slider Turtle

How Big Do Red Eared Slider Turtle Get

Size and Appearance:
Red-eared Sliders are medium to large-sized turtles. Females are typically larger than males, with females reaching lengths of 10 to 12 inches (25 to 30 centimeters) and males ranging from 7 to 9 inches (18 to 23 centimeters). The carapace, or upper shell, is typically olive green with dark markings. The distinguishing feature of the Red-eared Slider is the red or orange patch on each side of the head, behind the eyes. The plastron, or lower shell, is usually yellow or cream-colored.Red Eared Slider Turtle

What Do Red Eared Slider Turtle Eat

Behavior and Diet:
Red-eared Sliders are primarily aquatic and spend a significant amount of time in the water. They are diurnal (active during the day) and bask on logs or other structures to regulate their body temperature. They are omnivorous, feeding on a variety of food items including aquatic plants, insects, worms, small fish, and crustaceans.Red Eared Slider Turtle

How Old Do Red Eared Slider Turtle Live

Red eared slider turtles can live 20 years or more with proper care. Their lifespan depends on factors like diet, habitat, and health. This guide highlights key steps to help your red eared slider thrive. Learn what to feed them, how to set up the ideal habitat, and tips for keeping them healthy. Give your turtle its best chance at a long and happy life. Don’t wait – order now to ensure your red eared slider lives life to the fullest!Red Eared Slider Turtle

Buy Red Eared Slider Turtle From Reptilescritters

Looking to add a fascinating aquatic companion to your home? Look no further than the Red Eared Slider Turtle from Reptilescritters! These beautiful turtles are known for their vibrant red ear markings and captivating personalities. With their semi-aquatic nature, they thrive in both water and land environments, making them an adaptable and low-maintenance pet. Discover the joy of owning a  Turtle today and enjoy the calming presence and endless entertainment they bring to your life. Don’t wait, bring home your new scaly friend from Reptilescritters now!Red Eared Slider Turtle

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