Yellow Bellied Slider Turtle


Stop and look at this cute critter! The Yellow Bellied Slider Turtle is now available for adoption. This small aquatic turtle has a vibrant yellow underside that will brighten up any aquarium or pond. Known for being active and social, this turtle will provide hours of fun as you watch it swim around looking for food. Bring one of these adorable turtles home today and enjoy having a new scaly friend to care for. Give this Yellow Bellied Slider Turtle a loving home!


Yellow Bellied Slider Turtle For Sale

A perfect pet for turtle lovers everywhere. This bright yellow-bellied turtle will light up your life with its playful personality. With stunning yellow and red markings and an energetic spirit, this little slider turtle makes an ideal companion for people of all ages. Low-maintenance yet highly interactive, these turtles love swimming, basking in the sun, and being handled and fed. Everything you need to get started is included—a spacious aquarium, lighting, filter, heating pad, and more.Yellow Bellied Slider Turtle

How Long Do Yellow Bellied Slider Turtle Live

With a lifespan of up to 30 years, the Yellow Bellied Slider turtle makes a perfect lifelong companion. This friendly reptile will brighten up any home with its vivid yellow stripes and bright personality. Easy to care for, the Yellow Bellied Slider thrives on a diet of commercial pellet food and fresh vegetables, along with a heated tank to maintain its body temperature. Watch in delight as your yellow-bellied friend basks under the lamp, swims playfully, and occasionally naps while floating at the surface. If you’re looking for an interactive pet that will be by your side for decades, adopt a Yellow Bellied Slider today.Yellow Bellied Slider Turtle

How Big Do Yellow Bellied Slider Turtle Get

Size and Appearance:
The Yellow-bellied Slider is a medium-sized turtle, with adult females typically larger than males. Females can reach lengths of 10 to 13 inches (25 to 33 centimeters), while males are usually slightly smaller, ranging from 6 to 9 inches (15 to 23 centimeters). The carapace, or upper shell, is typically olive green or brown with dark markings. The plastron, or lower shell, is usually yellow with dark markings, giving the turtle its name. The head, neck, and limbs are typically greenish with yellow or orange markings.Yellow Bellied Slider Turtle

Buy Yellow Bellied Slider Turtle From Reptilescritters

Bask in the beauty of nature’s designs with the Yellow Bellied Slider Turtle from Reptilescritters. This stunning aquatic turtle features a vibrant yellow underside and intricate shell markings that add an exotic flair to any aquarium or pond. As hardy pets that can live up to 30 years, these peaceful turtles make for a rewarding long-term companion. Watch as they gracefully glide through the water, basking on platforms during the day. Their small size makes them easy to handle and care for. Provide the proper habitat with clean water, ample basking areas, and a balanced diet, and enjoy many years with your new turtle friend.Yellow Bellied Slider Turtle

Male Vs Female Yellow Bellied Slider Turtle

Slip into the secluded world of these fascinating reptiles with the Male vs Female Yellow Bellied Slider Turtle. This unique turtle duo allows you to observe the subtle differences between genders in the wild. Watch the larger and longer-clawed male explore more aggressively, while the female, with her shorter nails and high-domed shell, moves with a little more caution. Learn to identify their distinct features as you feed and care for your new aquatic pets. Now you can experience the mysteries of turtle gender dimorphism right at home in your own mini-ecosystem. Bring your habitat to life today with a pair of lively yellow bellied sliders!Yellow Bellied Slider Turtle

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